2014 WUKF World championship report

Here is the report from the recent WUKF World championships held in Poland.

Congratuations to all our competitors who took part and particularly to those who came away with medals!

Many thanks to Mark Eccleston for taking the time to write the report and allowing it to be used on our website.

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SKA squad head to Poland.....

The SKA squad (pictured) ready to travel to the World Union of Karate Federation's World Karate championships held in Poland 15th - 19th October 2014.

The squad, all competing in the disciplines of Kumite (free-fighting) and Kata (traditional form) are, from Lt to Rt:

S.K.A. Skiption club's 16yr old Jack Cooper; S.K.A Cheshire martial arts' 15yr old Lucy Clarke, 8yr old Joel Eccleston, Jo' fisher W.U.K.F Official, 19yr old Rebecca Fisher and in charge of the S.K.A National squad, 8dan coach Sensei Paul Graham.

We wish them every success at the championships



Serbia 2012 WUKF world championship competition report

rebeccaAt the W.U.K.F. Cadet & Junior World Championships, held in Serbia during the second week in October, Rebecca Fisher, the Shukokai/shito-ryu Karate Allaince’s top female cadet  kumite and kata competitor, showed the world’s her true potential. In kata, in a large pool of 21 of the world’s best karate competitors, Rebecca fought her way to come agonisingly close to a place in the final; the smallest of margins, 0.1 of a mark, cheating her of a place on the podium.
In the kumite competition, the pool numbers were even more daunting for Rebecca with 58 competitors facing her. In her first round she showed her true potential in beating one of the top three Polish competitors by a score of 6-3.  Lifted by this, in round two Rebecca squared up to one of Romania’s finest. Scores flew thick and fast, Rebecca getting the first in the shape of ippon but the Romanian fought back ferociously, in the end taking the match by a whisker, 6 scores to 5.  Sensei Paul Graham, the S.K.A’s England coach, was delighted with her performance and remarked how she had improved 100% on her performance at the last world championships of  2010.
Not one to rest on her laurels, only one week after her battles in Serbia, Rebecca Fisher led the Cheshire Martial Arts squad to glory at the Shukokai/shitoryu Karate Union’s Nationals Open Championships in Warrington. With her fellow CMAC competitor, Clarise Laurence, they blitzed the opposition, Rebecca coming away with two gold and one bronze and Clarise with gold. Martin McGrath also stepped up to the podium with silver and bronze medals went to Antonia Green, Isaac Aubee, Sam Wilkinson, Ben Hutson and Anthea Hutson.  

To cement a truly auspicious month, on the officiating scene the world championships produced the S.K.A’s first ever world ranked kumite and kata judge in the form of C.M.A.C. senior black belt Jo’ Fisheredited


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